Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 brewing roundup

So Bobby and brewed for a wedding and a 50 th birthday between May and December....

A total of 9 brews, so a good season.  

From Helles, to Robust porter, and a bit in between too.  Kolsch, IPA, PA, Stout, including the infamous Black Knight Chocolate Vanilla Stout, all were brewed.

The hop farm produced more hops than ever before and yet no labor to pick them off the bines..... Bummer.  So all those Cascades were lost.

The new herbicide Poast worked well on grasses, with no effect on the hops.

We chose to do two more special brews , an end of the world brew on 21 Dec, a nice strong Dble Bock. And today we did an old years brew, Bourbon Robust Porter.

Happy New Year and may your glass always be full.

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