Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brewing again

American Barley Wine - expected to be around 12% abv, when done , was brewed as part of a club project 2 weeks ago, and yesterday I brewed my summer favorite - Kolsch

Hops farm is doing wonderfully , Don has been a champion to keep everyone energized, and the main production hops are really looking good. Water system is back up and running too. Last night we had a super 1/2" of rain too, which will help the hops a lot.

Cleaned up the brewery and dumped a few older beers that were past their prime that I found hiding at back of Lager fridge. BUT also found another keg of my Fav lager - Rittmayer Helles, and while I am not drinking at present ?(weight loss thing) it tasted OK (no swallow - seriously !! )  so went back on tap.

Fixing up the inside kegerator today and cleaning up rest of garage, plus working on sunroom - no rest for the wicked.

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