Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 - New year

The Smoked Porter was fabulous, probably a bit young when we quaffed it, and maybe I need two lbs of Smoke Malt next time LOL. the kids also drank a lot of my Root Juice - home made Root Beer which I cannot stand as i did not grow up with it, but I do it for the kids, with a separate Keg, seperate taps , seperate everything to keep the flavors away from real beer.

I also have tapped into my South African Hopped Amber ale - hops were Experimental US38 from the SAB Hops farm in George South Africa, a super malty hoppy ale. The first keg did not last long at all.

planning is under way to brew an IPA and a BIG BREW too, ie a high alcohol beer.

Hops farm is quiet, and other than mowing the grass , nothing happening,......... mowing because we have had so many warm days this winter, typically I do nothing for almost 4 months.

Early March will see us out there cleaning up and preparing the beds for the extended Cascade expansion this year

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Foreign Accents said...

Very cool! I'm a homebrewer in Greensboro and am planning on growing some hops this year. What varieties seemed to produce the best for y'all?