Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday May 3rd

Mark, Jason , and Don worked Saturday with me , and most of the others came out on Sunday this weekend. Don did a sterling job of weedeating the boundary of the farm so we have clean areas now between the trees and along the fence lines.

Plenty of weeding got done by all the guys , we also hung up the project banner and cleaned out and resorted out the container (thanks Steve). The base of each strongly growing hop plant was also cleaned up , Tony teaching others how to go about this task

Derick, Sam, William and Tony helped me get the back wire up finally over the Chinooks and they then hung ropes while I planted the last of the Rhizomes. Tony was the monkey up the pole this time - thanks.

A positive weekend where we are now on top of all the major tasks of the spring - just a few bines to train and clean the bases on and we are ready for the growing of summer. The soil test again showed low Nitrogen , so will take soil for a proper test to the extension service tomorrow and then fertilize appropriately once we get results back. I did feed all plants with miraclegro this last week - so in short term they should be fine.

The watering computer was also installed and programmed for an hour each day. I will monitor to see if this is enough. The computer can have up to 6 programs so can either do twice a day or lengthen the cycle.

A full stock take tonight showed we have 138 potential plants growing - some are still below surface as only planted in last week. So plenty of harvest work ahead of us.

A good week

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