Friday, May 1, 2009

Irrigation is complete

Well with a bit of work and help yesterday Mark and I finished the irrigation system. The system has a 1" main PVC feed from the tap fed by the pressured well pump. We have 60 Psi static from the well which is plenty and not an issue with our 2GPH pressure compensated drippers which will work all the way down to 10Psi

1" couplers

The Main line is joined by 4 couplers so that we can do maintenance and also take apart at end of season.

Main Line feeding the circles and back Row

All 2nd year Growing bines as well as new hop plantings have a 2 Gallon per hour dripper

Dripper and new Chinook

some 110 of them, tomorrow will be official stock take to confirm the actual number and planting of the last few Rhizomes left- most from the experimental ones.

Branch off to circle with valve, roll of 3/8" Poly

The circles are each fed by a 3/4 PVC with each one on its own valve, these 3/4 are buried so that the tractors etc can easily move around the hops yard. The dripper line is 3/8 Poly, which we got donated

I am also experimenting with taking green shoots for growing on in the greenhouse this year, to propagate new plants. That way we will start next year with new plants already rooted.

This weekend will be the last full work party , as we will have a lower work load now that watering is fully automated. No pics of the controller , but will add a pic later.


Noah said...

so does the bcs play a part in all of this? ;-)

Scott Kimball said...

You guys have a hell of an operation going. Seems like you'll produce more then enough hops for your needs.