Sunday, April 5, 2009

2nd Work day - April 5

Well two weeks of almost permanent rain (over 3"), have brought tremendous growth and advancement to the hops.

The Nuggets, the Cascades and Centennials are all 18" to 24" tall. The newly mulched centers have new weeds to.

Once again we had a good turn out of the members and three pardons and later on email found another pardon, which means 14 of the 16 Guys either turned out to work or excused themselves today - excellent job.

We had lots to do, we had to make wire rings and find all the old stakes, which in many cases were below ground, I found that using the rake helped us a lot as the metal on metal ring located them easily even when buried. Grass was cut and edges weedeated , as well as all the surrounding areas. We also rolled out the beginnings of the irrigation system, with the 3/8 piping rolled around the circles.

Jason and I sorted out the first circle (Nugget) before lunch and when all the rest arrived we climbed in and resolved most of the rest

We also planted the 5x Chinooks from the Greenhouse, so we now have 8 in the ground with rain expected tomorrow.

A good days work

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Jason said...

Great pics and documentation Rick! Thanks for taking the time to do this.