Saturday, March 21, 2009

First work day - begining of March

Great turn out of the team , we had rain beginning of the week but a nice day to get out there after a few days drainage.

We weeded , hoe'ed , dug, used the tiller , and got the ground ready for first spring.

The Nugget and Cascades were just starting to shoot.

We also decided to mulch the circle centers to prevent weeds and grass being a problem , like it was last year.This required me to get a tractor working, easier said than done...... took about 3 hours in all, battery out and on charger, then reinstall, try start, no luck, easy start being careful because too much can cause a bent conrod.... eventually I managed to get it started and it ran without issue all day. Just the rear backhoe arm has an issue with left right control - seems like there is a broken spring in the control valve........ task for another day soon.

One hop got dug up thinking it was a large weed , the person will remain nameless to protect him hehehe LOL

Jason and Dans' sons both had tractor rides while carting mulch, which made their days.
Dan brought a trailer of Compost - ahem , well it was supposed to be compost and brought more mulch - to add to the 5000 tons I have on the farm

Mark also welded up the door which made a great difference as it works fine now and we were able to lock up our tools and stuff.

Mark Stoehr our new member this season, worked tirelessly with his tiller....

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