Monday, March 17, 2008

The First of the Hops arrive

Monday morning Mr Brown - UPS delivered the first of the parcels with Hops in them. 16 rhizomes in all, in two scrawny plastic packets.

8 each of Sterling - the thin ones to right, and 8x Nugget (the bigger ones in the pic below)

In fact the ones that arrived were the last ordered, from Alt Beverage in Charlotte - way to go Jess and team....

To ensure freshness, they were potted up in 5" peat pots and put into the greenhouse awaiting Saturday for planting. I also experimented with some of the roots Tony dug up from his Nugget bines, by using some rooting Hormone , I also potted up 4 that looked promising. These are clearly marked to see what we get out.

During last week Mark delivered more compost, and Jason arrived with the horse Manure as well.

Plans for this weekend , are :
Add more compost, add well rotted mulch and turn the soil, then to mound up the areas, ready for planting.

Planting poles in both maypole area and the long row, and erecting wires for the long row.

Preparing the water tank for filling, this requires welding up the stand, and getting piping for filling from the well point. Adding in the water pump if we chose to go ahead with using it, and lastly planning out the actual water pipes.

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Commonly Cheap said...

What can brown do for you? This looks like the beginning of a very intriguing blog. Am looking forward to see how this goes. Good job.