Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BBG Hops project update

A very busy early spring season for me.

Samiclaus is in Fermenter, almost 3 weeks and still an occasional bubble.... time to rack to secondary.

On Tap : SN clone Pale ale
Chocolate Stout
OH MY Oatmeal Stout
Springbok Bock
Kolsch (from last summer)- still tastes great

Brew plans are for an easy drinking ale this week and another Lager - probably Munich Dunkel next week.

Hops project is off to a great start, 8 members turned out to help get the ground ready, first maypole areas are tilled and compost turned into the soil

Guys worked hard despite the crummy weather


Carneologist said...
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Mikey said...

That's a lot of yard work. It is my 500th Post today! A milestone to the fact that I can be disciplined and enjoy it at the same time. You should do me the honor and check it out. :-)