Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hops update May 2011

May is here , warm but not hot weather yet, Cascades and Nugget are up
the ropes like homesick angels. In fact Nugget is setting first cones
already. Rain expected Wednesday and will put ammonium nitrate 34-0-0
down tomorrow in prep for it.

Chinooks are also working well and some more work has been done on the
back row in prep for planting more Cascades. Must be done this week
or we miss the season.

Well has a broken pipe in pump house - my fault as I forgot to get in
there and winterise before the first big freeze. It did sneak up on
us- but as we had stopped watering long before that I should have just
done it early.

Some pics will be added when I get back from Tampa.





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