Friday, May 14, 2010

New season

After a miserable Winter which stayed cold for 3 months with no warm days (very unusual for NC) , we had a sudden warm up 2nd week of March and the hops literally popped out the ground in about 4 days.

We have had two work days to get on top of the ever present weeds , and have harvested rhizomes too, about 150 Cascades, and now starting on Nugget , 30 potted up so far. Chinooks next and maybe Mt Hood as well.

Two new members in the co-op after 4 dropped out , one through moving away and three just not having time anymore.  We agreed that the founding members would remain silent partners and also get a share of product, as they put plenty sweat equity into the foundation of the hops yard.

No expansion planned this year , I am too bushed and the damn tractor I fixed last year is dead again.

The extended cold weather also froze up the well head pipes and will have to do repairs there too, despite putting a 60 watt bulb in for heating.... next year I will wrap pipes with a Reptile heating pad.

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