Thursday, December 3, 2009

RIMS Diagrams

RIMS by Diagram , this shows the overall solution using a 3 tier Brewery like mine

The first diagram shows a single tier where

water is filled into the HLT , this is then pumped into the mash tun at Mash In to me mixed with the milled grains.

Mashing takes place while the mash water is recirculated and heated to keep temperature constant , with a PID temperature controller or PLC as in my case where I use the BCS 460

Sparging or washing of the grains, takes water from the HLT at around 170 deg and flows through the grain bed , dissolving out additional sugars and at same time filtering the mash water of particulates , this is then tranferred to the kettle , in preparation for Boiling.

Once the wort has been boiled it has to be cooled and transferred into the Fermenter , some brewers also add a hopback before cooling, this is a way to add additional flavor hops to the brew. As boiling has driven off all the oxygen , we need to add Oxygen back and this is done on the cold side or in the fermenter, as Yeast cells requires O2 for creating wall strength .

Finally here are the electrics I built , which have safety built in, the heater will only work if the pump is on, and I use a GFI for this whole system. I have changed the Heating element back to a 500 watt one , as the PID (or now the PLC) regulate the heat enough to prevent scorching.

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