Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brewery Updates:

I am in the process of helping another member plan his 3 tier brewery and his immediate comment was: "I will not do what you with the burner and will buy two and hard plumb them into the stand".

This gave me a kick in the pants to get on with finally fixing my kluge of moving the burner between top (HLT) and bottom (Kettle). That same night I placed the order and am in the middle of adding black pipe and fittings to make the system easier to use.

I have also in parallel also started work on an electrical HLT for winter, I can program the BCS 460 to start heating water to strike temp and even dump into Mash if I want to, this can happen much earlier than I get up.... so the basics of the beer process could start automatically before I rub the sleep out of my eyes, sounds cool and far fetched , but I now have all I need to make this happen. It will most likely just be the first phase which is heating to strike and keeping it there , till I come down and mash in manually. Per my original ideas of using gas to do this , the electrical method is safer. I still have the gas valves but they are on/off not proportional and will maybe look at other solutions along the way.

The fermenter control project is still after 9 months at 95% complete - life just got in the way.... but one part that did intrude has gone away, making my time more my own again.

These projects are what keep my beer making hobby alive....

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