Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Harvest time

Spent an half an hour on the farm last night and picked 2.5 lbs of Cascades. Many more still to be picked.

Centennials are also ready and some of the Nugget. Rest of the varieties are poor to medium. Might get enough Chinooks to use for a brew or two, and the Goldings look OK too.

Obviously this year was primarily root building , next year we should see much better growth.

Watering continues and the well has done well (no pun).

We are headed to big big rains this weekend with Hurricane Hanna headed our way, predictions so far are that it will still be a Force ONE when it hits the Triad.

1 comment:

derick said...

"2.5 lbs of Cascades" - Not bad.
We will all get at least one brew out of this year it looks like.

I could come help pick on Thursday if there is anything left.