Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brew day

After being up till 2:30 am waiting for my wife to come home , she was helping out a friend in need, .... brewing was a big lag today.

I eventually started around 9:30am and I brewed Rick's Ten Hearted Ale , this is my clone of the Bells Two hearted ale. Centennial hops up the wing wang, 11 gallons swallowed 8 oz of pellet hops.

Used a new sack of Maris Otter , and eff was a little off , but still hit 73%

I almost finised my new Conical Fermenter in time. The stand is welded , the lid has a hole for the bubbler, the outlet now has a 90 deg elbow , so all was ready but I found the edge of the lid hits the top of the legs, so need to weld in some spacers , and with so much to do today before we leave in the morning for Kansas City, I just decided that it would wait for the next batch.

OG of 1.064 , a big 1800ml starter of WLP 001 and ice water pumped thro' the immersion cooler to get wort to only 74 deg (ran out of ice too quickly) but the Fermenting fridge was already down to 55 deg in prep for it (set at 64 deg for the primary)

Smells wonderful and tastes good too.

I also have a peach beer fermenting with Champagne yeast , and it is an interesting experiment, which will be ready when I get back.

With the big rains on Sat and Sunday (..and the fertiliser I'm sure), the hops have taken off, I am seeing inches of growth already since Saturday's work.

Till next week...

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