Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boy do they do grow quickly

Been out there watering today and the small Cones from Sunday are now plump and "beaming".
Bines that had some small cone are getting large too. As much as i thought we might not get much this season, it looks like I was wrong.

We really do need to get a watering system into place for rest of season as they are definitely doing better with regular watering. Johnathan has agreed to work on the well tomorrow.

I have found another hops grower in town and hope to make contact with him soon. The other project in Mebane has already harvested the first Cascades and will get a beer made by a local brewer for an open day in September. Looking fwd to tasting that Green hop beer.

We will also move the drying cabinet into place soon, so that any hops we do pick can be put onto drying racks.

We have 3 Sterling that remain - the worst of all the varieties, 12 Nuggett, 12 Cascades, 7 Centeniels , 7 Golding, 8 Willamette, 8 Mt Hood, and 4 Chinnook. or 63 of the 70 we bought.

However there were a few plants that had not sprouted when we planted out and I left them in the greenhouse, some of those did eventually sprout, so need to work out what they are and plant them in the Hops Yard.

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