Monday, May 5, 2008

We have Maypoles

A small group turned out to help get most of the poles properly packed and upright, only two left after this weekend,

Mac, William, Derick, and Barry helped out for a few hours Sunday afternoon in a very nice hot sun.

We also took the opportunity to water them all, as the promised rain (amazingly) missed us this weekend. During the last week the well pump was tested and passed , so now it is either the controller or the badly insulated wire we found when we pulled the pump out the well. We will attempt again to reinstall it and get it working this week. The water is a serious issue as we head to warmer weather.

We also have something eating some of the hop shoots (Sterling hops) , just seems to be happening on one circle which is also the closest to any hiding place, so the most likely culprit is a ground hog who is known to frequent parts of the property close to the old Farm house. I did try planting Marigolds to see if that would stop bugs , but I think he likes those as well :-) , as a few have also gone missing.

The team managed to get 4 more poles correctly tamped tight and vertical, with only two remaining to be done, one the hole was waterlogged , so we could not work it and on the last one , the pole is rotten , so we need to replace that pole. Boy the tamping was hard on the arms , as the large tamper was pretty heavy and all had to take turns as a result.

We then started putting up ropes and anchors, Derick was the pole climber and he had to slip the steel ring over the top, then drill two pilot holes and fasten steel eyes each side of the pole , and lastly tie nylon rope to the steel ring after passing through the eyes, so we can lower and raise the ropes.

Mac and I then started on each circle and tied ropes to the ring and used steel anchors at each plant , and voila we now have two Maypoles complete.

Our project banner should be here this week too, so that all the inquisitive passersby will have an idea of what is going on, we had two visitors this weekend while working asking what was happening.

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