Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The annual April Frost

Last Frost day in Greensboro NC, is supposed to be Tax day - April 15th , and we have had frost , 13th, 14th and now expecting frost again night of 15th .

Last year it was brutal - temp dropped into 20's and it wiped out apple and strawberry crops completely. We lost all our apples and all our Azalea buds , thus having no Azalea color last year. Our strawberries we covered up and managed to save most of them.

This year , we have been a bit luckier, the frost for last two nights has been very light and the hop plants that have stuck their heads up have been just fine. Our Strawberries and apple blossoms look just fine.

I did chicken out and did not plant all the hop plants on the weekend because I was scared of frost, but could have gone ahead anyway.

The well has been checked and the diagnosis is a bad pump, I might add this was a brand new pump last summer. So we will have to pull it and replace. It is only 53 ft down, but will still take a few hours. Water this first year is vital, so we must have a solution.

I hope to have the poles finally up within a week or so, as some of the bines are already 3 ft tall.

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