Saturday, March 29, 2008

Work Day 3

Saturday morning , raining, windy , cold, crappy day, after the most unbelievable spring day Friday with temps in the 70's Friday.

Oh well, we have holes to dig and poles to raise.

The fair weather hopsters did not leave their armchairs , so just Steve , Jason and I cut the poles to length, 25 ft each, and as the rain had hardly broken, the ground was just too wet to do anything else. Jonathan later tried moving the poles with the forklift and got it stuck in the mud. William arrived as we were toasting a job well done. Seems like those who stayed at home were right !!!:-0

My postman Fred did deliver the second batch of Rhizomes 30 minutes after everyone left, so
(Pics still have 2007 - guess I need to fix that)

Sunday morning in the rain I potted them up. These came from More Beer and were not as good quality as we had from Alt Beverage.

In fact one twig (second from left)was not a Rhizome at all..... no sign of any shoots and broken in the middle on top of that, the other three were fine, but these were the Cascades dammit !!!! ( edit: More Beer agreed with my Picture and credited me for that one which they said should not have made it past Quality Control- Thanks Robin !!!)

....but they were all dusted with rooting hormone and potted and nestled into the heated greenhouse.

The Nugget and Sterling are all doing very well, with lots of green shoots sticking up, Marigold seedlings have over 60% out as well.

I got a shipping notification, so I am expecting the last rhizome shipment to arrive on Wednesday this week. Dan has the 5x Chinooks as well.

We have 14 days to complete the work and get them planted, so will have to put some after work hours in soon.

Till next week..

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